Baum Kunststoffe GmbH is pleased to announce the creation of Baum America Corp., its newly-opened North American production and warehousing operation, located in Saint Albans, WV. 

Baum America Corp. offers a full range of flouropolymer-lined steel pipe, fittings, expansion joints, hose, dip pipes and valves.  With over 25 years' experience, Baum has established itself as a world-leader in product design and manufacturing techniques.  In addition to the newly-opened North America facility, Baum America will continue to be supported by Baum Kunststoffe's 50,000+ square foot facility in Germany.  Baum utilizes such technologies as PTFE paste extrusion, fully-automated robotic welding, and transfer molding prior to putting all product through stringent quality inspections that exceed most global specifications and standards.  Contact us today for help in designing a fluoropolymer-lined system that is right for your application.

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Baum America Corp. utilizes manufacturing techniques and materials that result in a product with benefits not offered by other manufacturers.  Some of these advantages are highlighted below.

  • Baum PTFE liners are paste extruded. This insures permeation resistance that exceeds the isostatically molded PTFE products common in the US.  This claim is supported by empirical data recorded during independent testing by the Korrosionsinstitutet of Sweden.
  • Many of the Baum fittings will be upgraded to injection molded PFA.  This is an even higher quality polymer with mechanical properties and permeation resistance that normally come at a much higher price.  Injection molding these fittings means that Baum products come with full penetration welds unlike the welded over designs common with PTFE fittings.
  • Baum metal housings will feature rotating A105 forged steel flanges and seamless A106 pipe as standard.  Domestic products typically charge for a similar upgrade.
  • Quality is verified by rigorous testing and assured with insurance company certification.  The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) requires not only participation in an ISO quality program but spark and hydro testing on every piece, constant batch testing, permanent marking and total traceability of components.
  • Greater flexibity in design (Schedule 10 stainless steel systems, DIN dimensions, electro polished stainless steel exteriors, conductive PTFE, etc) is available.
  • Baum will supply these upgrades at levels competitive with current market pricing.